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Word Definition
idefeasible Not able to become undone, annulled, or made void.
ideological Pertaining to a closely organized set of beliefs, values and opinions that shapes the way an individual or group understands the world.
idolatrous Given to the worshiping of idols or false gods.
idolatry The worshiping of idols or false gods.
immemorial So old that it seems always to have existed.
immutable Not changing, or not able to be changed.
imperishable Not able to be spoiled, weakened, or damaged through time; not forgotten or ignored over time.
inducements Anything that gives somebody a reason to do something, especially things as an incentive.
inimical Adverse in effect; unfavorable; unfriendly.
injunctions Commands or orders, especially from somebody in a position of authority.
interfaith Involving or occurring between people of different religious faiths.
intimations Subtle hints or signs of something.
irreconcilable Not capable of being made to agree with something else.
Isaac The son of Abraham who was offered by his father as a sacrifice to God. God intervened and saved Isaac, and rewarded Abraham for his faith by creating a covenant, declaring that through Abraham's offspring, all the nations of the world would come to be blessed.
Ismā'īl A son of Abraham. Revered in Islam as the traditional ancestor of Muhammad and of the Arab peoples.

One Common Faith

Prepared in 2005 under the supervision of the Universal House of Justice, this commentary reviews relevant passages from both the writings of Bahá’u’lláh and the scriptures of other faiths against the background of the contemporary religious crisis. (source: link)