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Word Definition
Abraham Jewish, Christian and Muslim believers regard Abraham as a founding patriarch of their peoples. Abraham was ordered by God to sacrifice his Isaac as a test of faith. When Abraham was in the process of fulfilling this order, God revoked the command and rewarded Abraham for his faith. He forged a covenant with Abraham and stated that through his offspring, all the nations of the world would come to be blessed. Bahá’ís regard Abraham as a Manifestation of God.
abyss Something that is immeasurably deep or bottomless; a situation of apparently unending awfulness.
anachronistic Belonging to another time; out-of-date or inappropriate to the time in question.
anthropological Relating to the study of humankind, especially the study of cultures.
arrogating Taking or claiming something for yourself without the right to do so.
autocracy A government in which a single ruler holds unlimited power.
Avatars Derives from the Sanskrit term Avatāra, meaning "incarnation" and refers to the descent of a divine being into the mortal realm. The term is used primarily in Hindu texts. For example, Krishna is considered an Avatar of Vishnu, whom many Hindus worship as God.

دین الهی یکی است

این بیانیه که در سال 2005 تحت هدایت بیت العدل اعظم تهیه شده است، بخش هایی از آثار حضرت بهاءالله و کتب مقدسه ادیان دیگر را در مقابل شرایط بحران مذهبی معاصر بررسی می کند. 

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