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Word Definition
carnal Relating to physical needs or appetites, especially as contrasted with spiritual or intellectual qualities.
castigated Criticized, rebuked, or severely punished.
catechisms The basic principles of a religion, generally presented using questions and answers.
Cause A term used in the Bahá’í writings to refer to the Bahá’í Faith, one which places emphasis on the religion’s social, institutional and eschatological dimensions.
certitude A sense of absolute conviction about something, especially of religious belief. The Bahá'í writings describe certitude as a state beyond faith, and the goal of all spiritual search.
charismatic exaltation A state of ecstasy attributed by practitioners to the belief that they are recipients of a form of divine grace.
commonweal The common welfare; the public good.
condign Well-deserved; fitting.
conversion The adoption of new beliefs, specifically a new religion.
corollary Something that is a natural consequence of something else.
corporeal Relating to or involving the physical body rather than the mind or spirit.
creed A formal summary of the principles of a religion.

دین الهی یکی است

این بیانیه که در سال 2005 تحت هدایت بیت العدل اعظم تهیه شده است، بخش هایی از آثار حضرت بهاءالله و کتب مقدسه ادیان دیگر را در مقابل شرایط بحران مذهبی معاصر بررسی می کند. 

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